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For the Love of MOOCs

I have never taken part in a MOOC, but when I first heard of MOOCs, I was incredibly inspired by the idea. I was also shocked by their existence, because I grew up in the era of education being something valuable that is guarded and doled out to you after you pay great sums of money for access. Education has always been presented as elitist in my world.

Because I am still an idealist at heart and truly believe that education is the true equalizer, MOOCs to me, harken back to the philosophies of Horace Mann and John Dewy; education is transformative and should be free for all. Education is important, not only for the individual, but an educated society is stronger and more prosperous... but also harder to manipulate. The emergence of MOOCs challenge the elitist status quo, and I love that idea. I see MOOCs as being instrumental to empowering disempowered populations of the world. Unfortunately, MOOCs, so far, have fallen short of our initial assumptions of how they were going to transform education. However, I think it is still early in that transformation. I do still believe that, with time, MOOCs will transform, not only education, but the democratic process on a global scale. Now I have to really get on the bandwagon and take part in one.


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