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Below are a few of the projects I have completed in the years as SLD specialist with the Colorado Department of Education. In addition to leading projects supporting SLD, I am also asked to lend my expertise to several projects in other offices across the agency.



Fiedler, V, & Harlacher, J. E. (2023, June 27, 28). Scaling up data-based individualization at the state level: Lessons learned and                          action planning. Invited workshop at the Inaugural National Center for Intensive Intervention Intensive Institute. Crystal                     City, VA.


Fiedler, V, & Thompson, P. (2023, March 6). Using the Building Blocks of Brain Development to Understand and Assess Students                        with Learning Disabilities. A face to face workshop designed to support implementation of the framework for SLD                                 evaluations. Evergreen, CO.


Fiedler, V, & Herrera, G. (2022 - 2023). Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Multiple virtual presentations for multiple                  districts and BOCES about how to design accommodations for students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Fiedler, V. (2022, July, 27). How Colorado is Supporting the SLD Eligibility Process: Virtual Presentation for NCSI EBP Collaborative                  about the newly developed framework for SLD Evaluations.

Fiedler, V, & Harlacher, J. E. (October 2020, May 2021). DBI Training Series: Virtual train-the-trainers pilot series for five Colorado              schools representing two rural school districts.


Fiedler, V. (2019 August 1). SLD Evaluation and Eligibility Determination. Presentation about the SLD eligibility process at the CDE               MTSS Summit. Grand  Junction, CO.


Fiedler, V, & Ross., S.(2019 August 2). Data Based Individualization Overview. Overview presentation of the DBI process. CDE MTSS              Summit. Grand Junction, CO.


Fiedler, V, Adair, M, & Tapper, J. (2018 - 2023). What About Maths? Live Webinar Series:


Fiedler, V, (2017 - 2019). Supporting Students with Executive Functioning Challenges. Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP)                                  Conferences. Presented biannually at the live parent conference hosted by CDE.


Fiedler, V., Harlacher, J. E., Wigert, J., & Ross., S. (May 2018-April 2019). Individualized problem solving within Response to                                 Intervention. Multi-day, year long training series provided by Colorado Department of Education. Grand Junction, CO.



Fiedler, V, & Thompson, P.  (2021). Using the Building Blocks of Brain Development to Understand and Assess Learning Disabilities.         eLearning course:


Fiedler, V, & Thompson, P.  (2022). Using the Building Blocks of Brain Development to Support Students with Learning Disabilities.         eLearning course:


National Center on Intensive Intervention. (2022). Colorado’s intensive intervention implementation story.                                          


National Center on Intensive Intervention. (2021). Providing virtual professional learning on DBI in Colorado.                                      


Fiedler, V, Hoesterey, H, & Kilpatrick, D. (2021). Equipped for Reading Success. eLearning course:                                                            


Harlacher, J. E., & Fiedler, V. (2020). Data-based individualization. Online modules available at                                                                  


Fiedler, V, & Kilpatrick, D.  (2018) Assessing, Preventing and Overcoming Reading Difficulties. eLearning course:

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